Deborah Goodman

 I F BB Bikini Pro, Personal Trainer and Mom of 6!

Online Training can be an easy solution for busy people just looking for some guidance and support.


     Clients seek online training for many different reasons. It may be because you don’t have time to make it in for personal training sessions or you don’t live near me, but still want to achieve the same over all look/physique that I can provide.

     Before I explain more about my program, please understand that online training takes a HUGE amount of personal drive and motivation. I am here to provide you with a custom meal plan and workouts. I am here for support and to change your exercise program according to your needs and how your body responds. However, please know that it’s completely up to you to follow the program. It’s not easy in the beginning and know that there will be set backs. Like anything else, we are not perfect when we start something in life. There is growing pains and a learning curve in everything that we do. I am here to help, give you motivation, answer questions, and effectively guide your workouts and diet.

      I specialize in weight loss, contest prep, pre and post natal care, and toning/shaping of the physique. My online program includes a customized workout plan with splits, cardio, supplements, and customized diet with weekly progress pics/weight. Your diets and workouts will be written based upon what your goals are and the lifestyle you are currently living. I specialize in making your physique look as symmetrical as possible. Proportionate both on top and bottom. The goal is to always have a tight, full and round figure.

      When it comes to contest prep, it’s important to know about posing, suit choice, make up, stage presence, etc. I coach in all of those areas. My girls generally go to my same suit designer and we talk about what will look best for their physique. It’s so important to know your angles….weaknesses and strengths.

     My clients text, email, or call me as needed throughout the week with questions, motivation, clarifications and concerns. Initially I send you a questionnaire to fill out. This tells me more specifics about your lifestyle, food you are currently eating, goals, schedule, workouts, etc. I would need that as soon as possible along with the completed questionnaire in order to know which direction to go with your physique. There is so much info out there on diet and exercise – it gets confusing. Your workouts and diet change as needed depending on how your body adapts. It’s at least a 3-month commitment and I charge $200 a month. Let me know if you’re interested and we can get started!


Thank you!